Caitlin + Jake | Planet Bluegrass Wedding | Lyons, CO

There was so much to love from Caitlin + Jake’s wedding, but we were most excited about their vision to incorporate color into their design!  From the moment they fell in love with the printed floral napkins they chose, we knew where the rest of their design was headed.  We completed the look with a ceremony installation with bright floral climbing up the trees, two-piece bridesmaid dresses, bright coral peonies, and whimsical signage.  Our favorite (and tiniest) detail: the sketched potato icon that designated the vegetarian meals on the escort cards!  The cutest!Trask_0257 Continue reading

Rebecca + Patrick | Planet Bluegrass Wedding | Lyons, CO

Rebecca + Patrick’s wedding ceremony was one of the most memorable of the season for us.  They incorporated one of our favorite ceremony traditions: Upon entering the ceremony area, guests were asked to select a stemmed flower and add their bloom to a “blessing circle” on the ground at the altar.  The bride and groom then stood within that circle as they said their vows.  It was powerful.

A favorite memory of the day and a testament to #WhatWeddingPlannersReallyDo: At the end of the night, after Rebecca realized that she had mistakenly left her (amazingly gorgeous) bouquet somewhere by the riverbed during portraits earlier in the night, she and I embarked together on an adventure to find it.  In complete darkness.  Next to a rushing river.  Equipped only with my phone flashlight, we crept through the riverside brush while she reflected on the day and overflowed with feelings.  It was a cathartic moment for me, though she probably didn’t realize it at the time.  Magically, we did find her bouquet.RebPatWED_415_1614 Continue reading