Cadíz + Matt | Moss | Denver, CO

It’s cliché, but there are no words to describe our love for this couple.  They make us want to be better people — to be gracious and overflowing with kindness.  I am often asked why I chose wedding planning as a career.  The fact is that helping brides and grooms create happy memories, ensuring that they remember their wedding days as stress-free, happy occasions is the greatest motivator.  Knowing that we succeeded at that goal for this couple gives us chills.  Cadíz + Matt, we are so honored to have been involved with this special time in your lives.  You + your wedding day will stick with us as eternal reminders of why we do what we do.  Hugs, love, and best wishes as always!Alp _ Isle Colorado Wedding Photography - Gomez-Furedy -144 Continue reading

Lizzy + Eric | Riverbend Wedding | Lyons, CO

Lizzy + Eric’s boho celebration at Riverbend was a great day!  Unique details from the celebration included a romantic lounge setup from House of Yonder, lush floral from Ladybird Poppy, a visit from the adorable Denver Photo Bus, and a cake with the most realistic sugar flowers we’ve ever seen from Wildflower Cakes!  Scroll to the end to see the amazingly fun photos of the Hora that capped off the night!eric_lizzy-573 Continue reading

Rebecca + Patrick | Planet Bluegrass Wedding | Lyons, CO

Rebecca + Patrick’s wedding ceremony was one of the most memorable of the season for us.  They incorporated one of our favorite ceremony traditions: Upon entering the ceremony area, guests were asked to select a stemmed flower and add their bloom to a “blessing circle” on the ground at the altar.  The bride and groom then stood within that circle as they said their vows.  It was powerful.

A favorite memory of the day and a testament to #WhatWeddingPlannersReallyDo: At the end of the night, after Rebecca realized that she had mistakenly left her (amazingly gorgeous) bouquet somewhere by the riverbed during portraits earlier in the night, she and I embarked together on an adventure to find it.  In complete darkness.  Next to a rushing river.  Equipped only with my phone flashlight, we crept through the riverside brush while she reflected on the day and overflowed with feelings.  It was a cathartic moment for me, though she probably didn’t realize it at the time.  Magically, we did find her bouquet.RebPatWED_415_1614 Continue reading

Ali + Jon | Lyons Farmette Wedding | Lyons, CO

We know this seems crazy, but we’ve been waiting for one of our couples to take photos with the chickens at the Lyons Farmette!  We can finally check that off our wedding photo bucket list.  Ali + Jon were the perfect couple to brave the chicken pen — nothing is going to stop this adventurous and unique duo!  Bonus points to Ali for wearing her mother’s vintage wedding dress.  We swear, this girl is too cool for us.Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-48 Continue reading