Rebecca + Patrick | Planet Bluegrass Wedding | Lyons, CO

Rebecca + Patrick’s wedding ceremony was one of the most memorable of the season for us.  They incorporated one of our favorite ceremony traditions: Upon entering the ceremony area, guests were asked to select a stemmed flower and add their bloom to a “blessing circle” on the ground at the altar.  The bride and groom then stood within that circle as they said their vows.  It was powerful.

A favorite memory of the day and a testament to #WhatWeddingPlannersReallyDo: At the end of the night, after Rebecca realized that she had mistakenly left her (amazingly gorgeous) bouquet somewhere by the riverbed during portraits earlier in the night, she and I embarked together on an adventure to find it.  In complete darkness.  Next to a rushing river.  Equipped only with my phone flashlight, we crept through the riverside brush while she reflected on the day and overflowed with feelings.  It was a cathartic moment for me, though she probably didn’t realize it at the time.  Magically, we did find her bouquet.RebPatWED_415_1614RebPatWED_132_0397RebPatWED_149_0442RebPatWED_5043_9306RebPatWED_207_0627RebPatWED_211_0640RebPatWED_279_0904RebPatWED_318_1029RebPatWED_337_1101RebPatWED_346_1142RebPatWED_378_1316RebPatWED_387_1386RebPatWED_5098_9575RebPatWED_431_1688RebPatWED_440_1732RebPatWED_441_1744RebPatWED_452_1805RebPatWED_462_1875RebPatWED_465_1904RebPatWED_490_2123RebPatWED_616_2698RebPatWED_623_2761RebPatWED_634_2845RebPatWED_643_2910

Photography: June Photography | Planning: Purple Summer Events | Floral Design: Sugar n’ Stems | Venue: Planet Bluegrass | Catering: Blackbelly | Officiant: Small Circle Ceremonies | Hair + Makeup: Katie Be

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