Ali + Jon | Lyons Farmette Wedding | Lyons, CO

We know this seems crazy, but we’ve been waiting for one of our couples to take photos with the chickens at the Lyons Farmette!  We can finally check that off our wedding photo bucket list.  Ali + Jon were the perfect couple to brave the chicken pen — nothing is going to stop this adventurous and unique duo!  Bonus points to Ali for wearing her mother’s vintage wedding dress.  We swear, this girl is too cool for us.Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-48Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-6Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-8Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-14Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-15Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-35Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-45Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-46Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-54Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-77Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-83Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-86Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-87Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-94Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-114Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-118Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-56Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-121Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-164Ali&Jon-Lyonsfarmette-venodrs-165

Photography: Matthew Speck Photography | Planning: Purple Summer Events | Floral Design: Farmette Flowers | Venue: Lyons Farmette | Catering: Sugar Pine | Dessert: La Momo Maes Bakery

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