Bailey + Mark | University Club Wedding | Denver, CO

We ended our 2016 season with Bailey + Mark’s winter wedding.  The high temperature for the day was one degree.  That’s right, one.  But, that didn’t stop these two from getting some killer outdoor photos + celebrating to the max!  Santa even made an appearance at their reception.  At the end of the night, as our team + the catering staff hustled to complete the day’s cleanup tasks, Bailey and Mark sat alone at one of the remaining reception tables.  They ate a cupcake together and chatted quietly about the day’s happenings, their favorite parts they hadn’t yet had the chance to discuss, and they watched as the space transformed from their wedding – full of beautiful wintry decor and people they love – to an empty room.  It’s one of the most endearing things we’ve ever seen a couple do.  We tried to shoo them off to an after party or the warmth of their home, but they wanted to stay and watch…for closure, they said.  And yet, it’s just the beginning.  Congrats, you two!  Thanks for ending our our season with such beauty!moriartybrideandgroom-94moriartygettingready-3moriartygettingready-96moriartygettingready-128moriartygettingready-149moriartygettingready-100moriartysp-1moriartysp-8moriartybrideandgroom-78moriartybrideandgroom-29moriartybrideandgroom-31moriartybrideandgroom-60moriartybrideandgroom-25moriartybrideandgroom-5moriartybrideandgroom-80moriartysp-18moriartybrideandgroom-75moriartysp-12moriartybrideandgroom-98moriartybrideandgroom-99moriartybrideandgroom-105moriartysp-24moriartybridalparty-20moriartyreception-52moriartyceremony-1moriartysp-32moriartyceremony-18moriartyreception-39moriartyreception-5moriartyreception-33moriartyreception-177moriartyreception-11moriartyreception-35moriartysp-39moriartyreception-246

Photography: Daylene Wilson Photographic | Planning + Design: Purple Summer Events | Floral Design: Two Women and a Truck | Venue: University Club | Ceremony Musicians: Masterful Musicians | DJ: JM Hyatt | Dessert: Gigi’s Cupcakes | Chairs: Charming Chairs | Linens: Linen Hero | Hair/Makeup: Matthew Morris Salon | Gown: Augusta Jones from Anna Be

One thought on “Bailey + Mark | University Club Wedding | Denver, CO

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