Meghan + Buba | Hillside Gardens Wedding | Colorado Springs, CO

Meghan + Buba were easily our most unique and wondrous clients of 2016.  They are both traveling theater performers (mimes, actually!) so we designed their wedding in the spirit, language, and imagery of American vaudeville.  The decor was bright and eclectic, the floral lush and lurching.  Guests were encouraged to express their creative spirit by wearing hats…and they did not hold back!

dsc_0825From the bride: “We wanted our ceremony to celebrate community and also be playful.  We value the power of ritual and wanted to combine elements of traditional weddings that celebrated our international love affair with some personal/made-up hullabaloo.  We had moments of silliness (such as a kazoos for each guest to play when prompted), moments of sharing (such as an impromptu group song for Buba’s family who tuned in by internet from the Republic of Georgia), and a moment of community, in which all guests participated in big group hug as a symbol of coming together in support as we embarked on the adventure ahead.”

We completely and utterly adore this couple, their families, and their wacky creativity, and we are entirely blown away by how keenly and fiercely their photos capture the spirit of the day.  Thanks to The Photogenic Lab for rocking it, once again.dsc_1141dsc_1144dsc_1195dsc_1255_bwdsc_1270_bwdsc_1327dsc_1368dsc_1392dsc_1453dsc_1533_bwdsc_1595dsc_1648dsc_1693dsc_1711dsc_1719_bwdsc_1813_bwdsc_1874_bwdsc_1911dsc_1913dsc_1963dsc_1969dsc_1997dsc_2012dsc_2542dsc_0623dsc_2594dsc_2710dsc_0651dsc_2752_bwdsc_0676dsc_0688dsc_2864dsc_2910dsc_2922dsc_2967dsc_2989_bwdsc_2993dsc_3078dsc_3142dsc_3144dsc_3150dsc_3156dsc_3163dsc_3166dsc_3174dsc_3180dsc_0772dsc_0793dsc_0832dsc_0867dsc_0973dsc_0987dsc_1037dsc_1064dsc_1083dsc_1132dsc_1156dsc_1169dsc_1175dsc_1222dsc_1346dsc_1354dsc_3263_bwdsc_3446_bwdsc_3465_bwdsc_3833dsc_3876dsc_3941dsc_4199dsc_4520dsc_4560dsc_4584_bwdsc_4628dsc_4984dsc_5029dsc_5046


Photography: The Photogenic Lab | Planning + Design: Purple Summer Events | Floral Design: Orchid Princess Floral | Venue: Hillside Gardens | Caterer: Plenty | Dessert: Peteybird | Band: Diamond Empire Band | Stationer: LBC Design Co | Rentals: Event Rents | Hair & Makeup: Brandi at Salon CS | Gown: Sarah Janks from Emma & Grace | Napkins: Dot and Army | Umbrellas: Bella Umbrella

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