Barbara + Lane | Married 40 Years

As of August 17, 2015, my parents have been married for 40 years.  It’s a huge achievement and I’m incredibly proud to be a product of such a successful marriage.  My husband and I decided to throw them a party to properly congratulate them.  If this isn’t cause for celebration, what is?Abbey'sParents_JES_4463Though planning started last winter, my parents didn’t find out about the party until they received their invitation.  I wanted there to be some element of surprise, but I still wanted them to have time to look forward to celebrating (and I wanted my mom to have time to buy an outfit…and get a hair cut…and get her nails done).  To further the surprise, when guests sent me their RSVP, I informed them that it would be up to them whether they wanted to reveal to my parents that they were coming.  Happily, many people opted to keep their arrival a surprise!  It was such a treat to see my parents’ faces when surprise guests walked into the room.  The photos towards the end of this blog show lots of the guests’ arrivals.  To many people, I’m sure they just look like a bunch of pictures of strangers hugging, but to me, they are the faces of 40+ years of the folks who have loved and supported my parents throughout their marriage.

I decided to make the party décor representative of my parents’ two favorite vacations spots: the beaches of South Carolina and the mountains of Jackson Hole.  Golden buffalo, moose, and elk were paired with starfish, sand, and seashells.  Delicious sugar cookies brought the theme to life with mountain and sand dollar cookies and the guest favors included a treat from each location: bear claws from River Street Sweets in Charleston and huckleberry cordials from Jackson Hole.  My mom’s favorite color (red) decided the color palette.

It’s hard to know what to say about a party that is so personal to me.  The night was exceedingly special.  I am so thankful for everyone who attended, particularly for those who traveled across the country to help us celebrate.  I will leave you with an excerpt from the toast I gave that night…

“The world has changed in so many ways since 1975, yet people still choose to get married, myself included.  And for me at least, it’s because I see people like you two being successful at it.  I am so very proud to be your daughter: a reflection of your love for each other, the perfect combination of both of your insanities — and as Kyle and I approach our first wedding anniversary next week, I look to you for inspiration as I always have.  

Congratulations, Mom and Dad!  Forty years of doing anything is a long time, and forty years of happily married life is really quite remarkable.”Abbey'sParents_JES_4593Abbey'sParents_JES_4475Abbey'sParents_JES_4477           Abbey'sParents_JES_4482Abbey'sParents_JES_4467Abbey'sParents_JES_4458Abbey'sParents_JES_4469Abbey'sParents_JES_4558Abbey'sParents_JES_4548Abbey'sParents_JES_4545 Abbey'sParents_JES_4532Abbey'sParents_JES_4529      Abbey'sParents_JES_4527 Abbey'sParents_JES_4486 Abbey'sParents_JES_4521 Abbey'sParents_JES_4488Abbey'sParents_JES_4684Abbey'sParents_JES_4504Abbey'sParents_JES_4555Abbey'sParents_JES_4511 Abbey'sParents_JES_4509      Abbey'sParents_JES_4604 Abbey'sParents_JES_4493Abbey'sParents_JES_4491      Abbey'sParents_JES_4497       Abbey'sParents_JES_4505Abbey'sParents_JES_4576Abbey'sParents_JES_4587                 Abbey'sParents_JES_4567Abbey'sParents_JES_4571  Abbey'sParents_JES_4622      Abbey'sParents_JES_4618 Abbey'sParents_JES_4568 Abbey'sParents_JES_4581Abbey'sParents_JES_4659    Abbey'sParents_JES_4653Abbey'sParents_JES_4658      Abbey'sParents_JES_4655Abbey'sParents_JES_4662      Abbey'sParents_JES_4663Abbey'sParents_JES_4640      Abbey'sParents_JES_4636Abbey'sParents_JES_4671      Abbey'sParents_JES_4687Abbey'sParents_JES_4692      Abbey'sParents_JES_4699Abbey'sParents_JES_4716      Abbey'sParents_JES_4694Abbey'sParents_JES_4828      Abbey'sParents_JES_4803Abbey'sParents_JES_4838      Abbey'sParents_JES_4830Abbey'sParents_JES_4849Abbey'sParents_JES_4772      Abbey'sParents_JES_4769  Abbey'sParents_JES_4844      Abbey'sParents_JES_4793Abbey'sParents_JES_4774      Abbey'sParents_JES_4760 Abbey'sParents_JES_4784Abbey'sParents_JES_4754Abbey'sParents_JES_4758Abbey'sParents_JES_4748Abbey'sParents_JES_4749

Photography: Art of Her | Styling + Coordination: Purple Summer Events | Venue: Old Blinking Light | Floral: Ladybird Poppy | Sugar Cookies: Baker Loves Cake

3 thoughts on “Barbara + Lane | Married 40 Years

  1. What an amazing weekend so well planned by the expert planner herself, Abbey. We were part of the group who chose to spoil the surprise mostly because we were a little selfish and decided that if we were traveling all the way from Cincinnati, we wanted to spend some quality time with the anniversary couple and so glad we did. We arrived Friday, the day before the party, enjoyed lunch with Barb and Lane along with Sherry and Mitchell and visited again with an amazing dinner. We spent the day at the hotel with other guests and enjoyed another great lunch with the guests of honor and loved sitting in the hotel lobby the entire afternoon making Barb sitting with her back to the front door entrance of the hotel so I could see if anyone was walking in to try to save the surprise which obviously worked. She was totally surprised at some of the surprise guests. It was so much fun and definitely worth our 35 hour trip to Denver. So glad we were able to share in the celebration. Great job Abbey and Kyle. Be proud of your well planned party! Venue and food were awesome as well. Memories are special when shared with great family and friends. Again, Happy Anniversary great friends, Lane and Barb!

    Love, Marilyn and Jon

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