Maggie | Bride-to-be

I recently had the pleasure of planning a bridal shower for my oldest friend (not in age but in years known) Maggie.  She and I walked to school together almost every day between first and twelfth grade, and she has remained one of my closest friends for the last 25! years.


I thought that planning an event for a close friend would be a lot easier than planning an event for a client.  I figured the ideas would flow easily because I could pull from 25 years worth of knowledge of her likes and dislikes, and what features are representative of her.  That was true, I guess…but in this case, the ideas flowed a little too easily.  At the end of my first brainstorming session, I had around 17 different themes.  Not the worst problem to have, but it took using my finely tuned English major editing skills to narrow everything down until it became more focused and cohesive.

In the end, I decided to center the décor around different kinds of fabric with lots of mismatched patterns, including a fun fabric scrap garland and table runner.  One of the most distinct memories I have of Maggie’s childhood home is that it was full of quilts and crafts.  Even now, she is always crafting up something fabric-related: patterned Christmas stockings or felted heart-shaped microwavable hand warmers.  Instead of a traditional guest book, guests were asked to sign a quilt square, which will be sewn into a beautiful quilt at a later date so that she can start her own collection!

For food inspiration, I decided that Trader Joe’s cookie butter definitely needed to make an appearance (a more recent obsession of the bride-to-be) in addition to puppy chow (her mom makes the BEST puppy chow and always had it on hand for us as an after school snack).  If guests weren’t full enough after eating a cupcake topped with cookie butter frosting, they took home a box of cookie butter puppy chow (peanut butter replaced with cookie butter!) and a small jar of pure homemade cookie butter.

Maggie and her groom-to-be, Ivan, started dating close to eight years ago, so I have had plenty of time to get to know and love this fella.  He and I worked together to create a little “Ivan Says” display for the shower, which turned out to be one of my favorite features.  He did a great job writing down the things he loves most about Maggie — the quirky, the funny, and the sweet — and the reasons he is so excited to make her his wife!  If you know me, you know I cried when I read each and every single one.

To Maggie and Ivan:  I am so thrilled to be a part of this chapter and to watch you officially begin your lives together — finally.  We’ve all been waiting.  What an honor it has been to see your relationship begin and grow, to have been present at your engagement, and to have been the one to officially kick off the wedding-related festivities last weekend.  May the patient heart that Maggie acquired over the last eight years be a constant blessing to both of you.  And Ivan, may your wedding shoes stay cleaner than your engagement shoes — I know we’ll never hear the end of it if they don’t.


Abbey-Maggie-JES_7559  Abbey-Maggie-JES_7598



Abbey-Maggie-JES_7621  Abbey-Maggie-JES_7587



Abbey-Maggie-JES_7687   Abbey-Maggie-JES_7595



Abbey-Maggie-JES_7563  Abbey-Maggie-JES_7588






Abbey-Maggie-JES_7680  Abbey-Maggie-JES_7756









Abbey-Maggie-JES_7612  Abbey-Maggie-JES_7717


Abbey-Maggie-JES_7685  Abbey-Maggie-JES_7711




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