Top Day-of Wedding Tips

Now that we’ve covered 10 things to keep in mind during the planning months prior to your wedding in Part I and Part II, let’s cover five things to keep in mind ON your wedding day.  These are the things that either 1) I’m so glad someone told me prior to my own wedding or 2) I wish someone would have told me.  You have spent so many hours planning…now it’s time to enjoy!

1) Wear something presentable during your hair + makeup session.  Lots of special moments will occur during this time and lots of photos will be taken.  You should look your best.  The last thing you want is a beautiful photo of yourself reacting to the love note your fiancé prepared for you to read that morning as you sit in your college sweatpants and bedazzled “Guinness” tank top.  Extra credit: get your maids something lovely to wear too!

2) Don’t major in the minors.  To be frank, sh*t happens and your wedding day is not exempt from that.  Assuming you’ve prepared as much as you can for every possible scenario, things may still go wrong even though you have backup plan A, B, C, D +E in place.  Accept that there are things you can’t control, resolve to have a smile on your face no matter what, remind yourself what is truly important about the day, and move forward.  You can’t control the weather.  Your dress might get muddy.  Some guests might not show up.  Your groom might forget his tie.  (Yes, all of those happened to me.)  But in the words of our friend Taylor Swift, Shake it Off!  Prepare the best you can but don’t let the little things rock you.  Embrace the unexpected!  Something that’s out of your control is, as you can imagine, out of your control.  Don’t let your experience be soured by trivial mishaps.  Big picture is: you’re getting married!

3) Put your phone away.  You don’t need your phone for communication purposes on your wedding day.  Your stellar vendors will handle everything for you, so make sure they have the necessary contact info for your day-of coordinator, venue coordinator etc.  Your job is not to be available on your wedding day; your job is to be present.  You don’t need your phone for social media on your wedding day.  Really, I swear, you have better things to do than to update your Facebook status or Instagram feed.  Please, just enjoy yourself in the moment.  There will be plenty of future opportunities to post pictures and thoughts about the day.  Plus, think of how fun it will be the morning after to scroll through the well wishes you received and hashtag photos of your event.  (Trust me, it’s fun.)  You don’t need your phone to take pictures on your wedding day.  Remember that awesome photographer you hired?  Trust them to do their job.

4) Eat something.  Probably one of the most common tips out there…for a reason.  Just make a plan to bring something with you, have something delivered, or stop somewhere on your way to the ceremony site.  It’s a long day and emotions are high.  Be prepared.

5) Look at your guests (briefly) during your ceremony.  The fact that I did not do this at my wedding is my biggest regret.  I recall being SO focused on my groom from the moment I saw him at the other end of the aisle that I never once let myself take in the rest of my surroundings.  Now, I’m not saying “don’t focus on your groom.”  You should absolutely focus on your groom during your ceremony.  But a few glances in the direction of your guests would round out the experience nicely, just to have a general sense of where people were seated or the expressions on their faces.  Especially your parents.  Luckily, my wonderful photographer captured a few photos of my parents’ during my ceremony, and they’re some of my favorites of the day, but it would have been nice to have had an independent memory of those expressions.

Is there anything I missed?  What are the things that you would recommend brides-to-be (or grooms-to-be) make sure they do on their wedding day?

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